THE POWER OF LOVE - Do You Hear the Sound of the Music?

The enduring power of true love

A star-struck interracial couple and their struggles against prejudice, international kidnappings and other life situations that hamper the goal of a happy and lasting marriage.

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This e-book is partly non-fiction and is based on real or combined characters and events are combined for the sake of time. It is an international love story between a successful African-American/Cherokee (Abraham Montagne) and Celina Santoya, a Mexican/Indian martial arts instructor and ballerina. They become madly in love and are determined that their love will lead to marriage and outlast all racial prejudice, two overseas kidnappings with no certain outcomes and many work-related hold-ups. Celina and Abraham also have to deal with Ignacio, Celina's older brother who dislikes African-Americans. The star-struck lovers also have to deal with the prejudice of some African-Americans. Live their story with them and you'll believe in true love again. Who or what is ONIRON? Who is Moussa Kahane, an import/export friend of Celina, who seems to be the only person who can get information on Abraham when Abraham and his advisor team are captured in a Central American country. Will Celina and Abraham finally become married after the inevitable horrible final fight between prejudiced Ignacio and Abraham? Will Sandra Mathis, Celina's African best friend, and her "boys" reach the karate dojo where the final fight takes place in time?

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